Craving less screen time this summer? I've rounded up the 10 books I’m most excited about reading right now. Themes include body positivity, anti-diet, happiness & Health at Every Size. I also snuck in a few non-nutrition/wellness books for when your brain is in need of a change. Click here to take a look at the enlightening list.

May was a bit of a strange (read: emotional) month for me. My partner was away and the pace of my business was ebbing more than flowing. This space, albeit uncomfortable, forced me to take a closer look at the parts of my mood that I’m in control of. More specifically, the behaviors that were bringing me down.

One behavior that came to mind is the amount of time I’ve been spending in front of screens. My social media boundaries seem to be dissolving and (uncoincidentally) comparison trap spirals have become more common.

So this summer I’m setting the intention of swapping Insta-story watching with real people connecting and real book reading. Because my brain and relationships are in need of some (non-technological) nourishment.

If you too are hungry for less screen time, I invite you to join me. I’ve listed the 10 books I’m most excited about diving into this summer. (And I snuck in a couple non-nutrition/wellness related books at the end of this list just for fun!)

The top 10 books on my summer reading list

1. Big Girl: How I Gave Up Dieting and Got a Life by Kelsey Miller

2. Dietland by Sarai Walker

3. Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls: A Handbook for Unapologetic Living by Jess Baker

4. The Gluten Lie: And Other Myths About What You Eat by Alan Levinovitz

5. The Happiness Trap by Russ Harris

6. Body Respect: What Conventional Health Books Get Wrong, Leave Out, or Just Plain Fail to Understand about Weight by Linda Bacon and Lucy Aphramor

7. Appetites: Why Women Want by Caroline Knapp

8. Rising Strong by Brene Brown

9. Sometimes Amazing Things Happen: Heartbreak and Hope on the Bellevue Hospital Psychiatric Prison Ward by Elizabeth Ford

10. Let’s Pretend This Never Happened: A Mostly True Memoir by Jenny Lawson

PS: The pace of business in June is flowing! Meaning I have limited space for Discovery Sessions this month. So if you’re interested in working together, book your free 30-minute chat ASAP. Any questions or wonder if we’d be a good fit? Get in touch with me here and ask away!



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