Want to know how to make Kombucha? You can DIY Kombucha in your kitchen with basic ingredients! Click here to learn what it is, why fermented tea is good for you (think immunity, mood, digestion) and how to easily make your first batch at home with confidence.

I’m a biiig fan of Kombucha (aka fermented tea)! I love the tangy flavor, refreshing fizz and how it soothes my sensitive stomach. But this love left me spending so much money on store bought booch’.

I resisted making my own in fear of making a mistake but something (my budget) told me to go for it anyway. I invested in a Karma Cultures Easy Brew Kit and haven’t looked back!

It’s SO EASY. And it’s provided me with bottomless delicious booch’ since my very first batch. So I, of course, wanted to share this find with you!

Whether you’re new to the world of Kombucha or curious about the homebrew process, we’re going straight to the source. Lea Ann, the lovely lady behind Karma Cultures, is here as a guest today to share the what, why and how of the wonderful world of Kombucha.

What is Kombucha?

“Kombucha is an amazing, effervescent drink, fermented drink dating back 2,000 years to ancient China. It simply consists of tea, sugar and bacteria/yeast cultures or SCOBY.

Kombucha can be easily made by fermenting tea and sugar with the Kombucha culture, resulting in its fizzy, unique-tasting flavor profile. The Kombucha culture, often called a SCOBY, which stands for ‘symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeasts,’ is placed in sweetened tea and left to ferment for 7-10 days.

Why is Kombucha good for you?

Kombucha has numerous health benefits including improved digestion, stress relief, decreased inflammation, and energy.

As Kombucha ferments it creates:
• Vitamin B (helps with stress and energy)
• Various organic acids (detoxification)
• 100’s of live probiotics (immunity, mood, gut health)

Ultimately, integrating Kombucha into your diet allows you to brew up good health in your kitchen. But unfortunately, many people seem overwhelmed by the idea of brewing their own Kombucha, in fear of making a mistake and drinking something unsafe.

Essentially, the process of brewing Kombucha involves:
• Pouring one-liter just under boiled water along with a pre-measured tea bag into a glass jar. 
• About ten minutes later, you remove the tea bag and dissolve cane sugar.
• After the sugar has fully dissolved, you add about two liters of cold water and wait for the temperature of the mixture to cool below 28°c.
• Once the temperature is below 28°c, add your Kombucha culture (which comes with a bit of starter fluid) to the mixture, and then you cover the jar and let sit for about 7-10 days. You can watch this whole process in action + get a detailed recipe here

It really is that easy! The Kombucha Brewing Kits ensure that your experience brewing Kombucha is so easy and efficient that you will actually enjoy each time you brew up a new batch. We believe that with numerous health benefits, brewing and drinking Kombucha should be fun, tasty and easy to integrate into our everyday lifestyles.”

If you’re inspired to get your kombucha on, head to the Karma Cultures website. There’s a bunch of information to dive into! And for those of you who take the homebrew plunge, Lea Ann has graciously offered Wellness Wednesdays readers a special discount. Enter code CLAIRE-ROCKS at checkout for FREE shipping! 🤘

Lea Ann Luchka

I founded Karma Cultures in the fall of 2014 and began selling kits to people who were interested in Kombucha, believed in natural health and needed a little bit of extra support in brewing their own batch. Since then, through Karma Cultures, I have shared kombucha cultures with thousands of people throughout the US and Canada on their journey to good health.

Check us out! 

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