Last week we talked about the importance of taking good care of the body you’re in right now, ditching all the dieting madness (MADNESS I say!) that’s happening at this time of year.

Paying attention to your hunger signals, honoring them and taking the time to feed yourself with feel-good food is one awesome way you can take care of yourself this month/all-of-the-time.

When you don’t make the time to nourish yourself, what happens? You might not be able to concentrate as well at work, get cranky on your commute and/or find yourself ravenous by lunch = overeat = feel sluggish for the rest of the day.

So, the next time you think of meal prep as a drag, try flipping the script. Try reframing it as a self-care tool to help you show up the most focused, calm and energized version of yourself.

Now let’s talk about a few ways to make snackin’ simple. PLUS, I’ve included a list of 20 snacks ideas for you to download towards the end of this post.

Life happens, quickly. Stay proactive in your snacking process by scheduling in when you’ll be putting your snacks together.

Once you’ve prepped your snacks, take them as far you can – replenish (reusable) snack bags with trail mix and Mary’s crackers, fill containers with high protein black bean lime dip and carrot cake protein balls.

Get some help
Investing in a food processor will make your meal prep so much faster and easier. Energy balls, protein cookies, dips can all be made in a FLASH.

20 snack ideas to help you on your snacking way! You can download the list here.

PS: Have you committed to not dieting this year, but feel like in doing so you’re “letting yourself go”? This podcast will help.

PPS: ICYMI last week I shared the link to a recent article I wrote for Tonic Toronto on how to become the expert of your body (no pricey supplements or restrictive programs required).

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