Do your healthy habits feel haaard over the summer months? Click here to learn how to let go of “control” and embrace flexibility when it comes to your health. I also share three habits that consistently help my clients feel their best any time of year!

With the summer months in full swing – I know for so many of you trying to “stay on track” or “in control” of your healthy habits feels haaard.

BBQ’s, patio sessions, weddings, and travel disrupt the regular routine that help make your habits happen. But, what I’ve found both in my own life and holistic nutrition practice, is that these interruptions actually make up the majority of our lives!

Think about it – once summer is over, the work and school mayhem sets in and before you know it’s the holidays. And probably weaved in there we will find a move, business trip, and sick kids. Right?

This quote, from Isabel Foxen Duke, provides a different healthful pursuit that I believe we can all benefit from. And that’s the pursuit of flexibility. She explains…

In essence, “health” is not binary —
It is not something we “do” or “don’t do,”
It is not something we “have” or “don’t have,”
And it is certainly not something at which we can “fail” or “succeed.”
Health is an ebbing, flowing, living web of choices and experiences,
that we navigate differently from day to day, depending on
our ever-changing priorities, environment, and personal circumstances.

So this summer, instead of striving to stay in “control” of your healthy habits or getting stuck in black/ white thinking, try practicing flexibility.

Pay attention to the anchor/most important habits that help you to feel grounded and well. Prioritize those habits when in the midst of an interruption (aka life 😉).

Anchor habits to explore

• Head to bed before 11:00pm. Our stress glands, the adrenals, recharge between the hours of 11:00 pm-1:00am.
• Leave your screens outside the bedroom. The light from smartphones, laptops and television is stimulating to the brain and releases compounds to keep you awake.

Regular, nourishing meals
• Prepare an “emergency snack pack” and never leave home without it. In need of simple snack ideas? Get access to a snack list right here.
• Set a timer on your phone every 3-4 hours that prompts you to check-in with your hunger levels and EAT if your body is asking for food.

• Focus on feeling. Ask yourself – what activities help me to feel calm/energized/less stressed?
• Let go of any “shoulds”. Give yourself permission to move in the way and for the length of time that gives you pleasure.

And remember, everyone’s anchor habits will be unique to their needs and life. Start by experimenting with the habit that “rises to the top” for you. Get curious in discovering what helps YOU to feel your best.



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