Ditch the punitive exercise and unsustainable diets this summer/ always! Instead, seek out physical activities that help you to feel good and nourish your body, mind & soul. Click here for a list of ways you can get started on your joyful movement journey.

Summer vibes are on their way! And with that can come an influx of social media posts and ads all about how to get a “summer body” (🤢).

When you see this type of (toxic) messaging, I want you to first remember that “the world is messed up, you are fine!. And second, know that the profitable plan being sold to you is typically one of unsustainable restriction and exhausting exercise.

And we all know how that path plays out. Temporary “success” followed by despair, unhappiness, and more problems than before the plan began. Sound familiar? If so, I invite you to set a different intention for your summer season goals. Seek out physical activities that help you to feel good and are fun.

Because “a growing body of research shows that deriving pleasure from physical activities may be one of the most important factors for sustaining consistent exercise, rather than focusing on the classic fitness prescriptions of frequency, intensity, and duration.” – The Intuitive Eating Workbook

In order to determine if your current exercise routine is nourishing your body, mind & soul scroll through these four components:

1. It rejuvenates, rather than exhausts or depletes.
2. It enhances the mind-body connection.
3. It alleviates stress, rather than amplifies it.
4. It provides genuine enjoyment and pleasure.

Activities to try this summer (or any season that permits)

Basketball, canoeing, cycling, dance, gardening, hiking, hula hooping, kayaking, martial arts, pilates, rock climbing, rollerblading, running, swimming, walking, weight training, yoga.

Resources to check out

Yoga: Yoga with Adriene, Jessamyn Stanley, Curvy Yoga

Dance: Fitness Marshall (SO fun!)

Weight training: Strong from home

Podcasts (to inspire you on your walks/hikes): Food Psych, Fearless Rebelle Radio, S-town (not nutrition related but its addictive ways will definitely inspire a lot of walks!)

Helpful reading: Mindful Movement (ebook), 8 ways to keep your workouts body-positive (article), The Body Kindness Workout (article). 

Begin your joyful movement journey by: 

•  Committing to the activity that you feel most excited about.
•  After you engage in the activity check in to see how you feel. How’s your energy/stress/mood? Jot any feelings down in your journal.
•  Let those intrinsic shifts be the motivation that keeps you moving.

Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday! xo


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