Are you feeling run down and depleted? Click here to sign-up for a free "Stress & Self-Care" webinar. We'll be discussing self-care activities to try this holiday season and beyond - in a friendly, inclusive and encouraging environment.

During the first few years of my business, I hosted regular in-person workshops. I absolutely loved sharing valuable nutritional insights, answering questions, connecting with participants and you know what, I really miss it!

Right now a lot of my clients and readers (and of course myself!) are struggling with carving out time for self-care. They’re feeling run down, depleted and far from well.

So, in hopes of being able to support more of you, I’m hosting my “Stress & Self-Care” workshop online – for the very first time!

Catch me LIVE for a webinar Thursday, November 23 at 7:00pm EST. Click here to sign-up.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss why self-care is not a luxury but self-preservation; and explore different activities for you try this holiday season and beyond.

You’ll learn about:

• What self-care is and why it’s so important.
• We’ll discuss a bunch of do-able/budget-friendly self-care activities.
• Discover the foods that will help you take on all the holiday hoopla.

Pour yourself a cup of tea or glass of wine and look forward to a friendly, inclusive conversation. There will be no judgment – only understanding, support, and encouragement. Here’s the sign-up link one more time.

Any questions about this webinar or anything else on your mind? Get in touch and I’ll be happy to respond.

Can’t make it live? Sign up anyway and I’ll send you the recorded replay. I hope to see you there!

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