Since sharing my recent fitness class-tastrophy I’ve received heart-melting words of support through emails, messages, and good ol‘ in-person hugs. Your warmth, compassion, and kindness have filled me up so much, thank you does not seem to give my feelings of joy justice.

As the uplifting notes came in, I made sure to save them in my yum & yay folder also known as a smile file for another time of distress (because…life). This simple save got me thinking about the other tools I’ve accumulated along the way that help uplift and inspire me.

That thought then lead me to rounding up five things that help me shift into a better space when life feels far from beautiful.

5 things that never fail to uplift and inspire me

1. A walk listening to any of the following podcasts – Food Psych, Happier with Gretchen Rubin, Dear Sugar, and Fearless Rebelle Radio. Or, go tech-free with this guy.

2. Re-reading emails from my yum & yay folder aka a smile file – which has been filling up with your words support (thank you, again!!)

3. Scanning highlighted excerpts from Big Magic, The Desire Map, The Confidence Code, Daring Greatly and/or reading just about anything from Jennie, Lauren, and Alexandra’s blog.

4. Yoga with Adriene – at home in my comfies, listening to this lush & atmospheric playlist.

5. Scrolling through my gratitude timeline courtesy of the Five Minute Journal app.

Food is just food

You may notice that none of my things involve food, and this is very intentional. Discovering tools that help move me into a more positive place that do not involve food has been a big part of improving my relationship with food.

Now, that’s not to say if food appeared in the picture that I would feel like a failure. (But I did for a long time, so if you’re there, know that you’re not alone).

Because food is just food. Committing to the process of finding coping tools that work for you, is far more important that “getting it right” every time.

PS: Don’t know how to deal with your self-destructive thoughts? Courtenay shows us how to put self-compassion into action here.

PPS: I know you’ve seen articles eeeverywhere on the importance of self-care. Check out this post on how to actually do it.

Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday! xo


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