Stubborn is word that has been used to describe more than once. Okay, if I’m being honest…often 😏). It’s a trait that I believe has helped me achieve a lot over the years.

But this trait also fueled my disordered relationship with food and exercise. In my struggle heyday – I cut out friends out who would question my choices, stopped having a social life that might mess up my meal plan, and in doing so created a life (I felt) I was in full control of.

This illusion of control disconnected me from almost every corner of my life – my body, brain, friends and family. Ironically, there was nothing healthy about my path to meal plan perfection.

Now, many years later, working as a holistic nutritionist who helps people achieve food freedom, I often get asked: “what is a healthy relationship with food?”

And while the answer is subjective, I believe there is one foundational quality that a healthy relationship with food holds: being flexible.

In other words: “Do you experience distress around an unexpected, unaccounted for meal? How do you feel around foreign foods? How do you talk to yourself after a celebratory piece of pie?”

Know that being flexible with your food choices won’t unravel the quest for feeling your best. That is a constant that you can always come back to you. But flexibility is the key to a rich life, filled with connection.

Connection is why we’re here; it is what gives us purpose and meaning to our lives. – Brene Brown

So, in striving for a healthy relationship with food I encourage you to reflect on this approach:

Be fierce (with what makes you feel good), but flexible (for a rich life).

I want you to know that you’re worthy of a full and connected life. And that you’re worthy today, exactly as you are.



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