If you're feeling blah or blue, this post is all about helping you to find your feel-good groove. Click here for tried & true tools that help boost my mood.

Have you heard of Blue Monday? Apparently, Blue Monday is a name given to the third Monday of January (aka last week) and is claimed to be the most depressing day of the year.

If you’re feeling great, keep doing what you’re doing! If you need a friendly reminder that you are human, with all the feelings, this newsletter is about helping you take action and find your feel-good groove.

Daily habits that bring me peace of mind

1. Prioritizing an early bedtime
Sleep is THE most important piece of my wellness puzzle. Without enough sleep, I can quickly fall into a negative self-doubt spiral that’s unhelpful and emotionally exhausting.

Do you want to get more sleep? Start with setting an intention of when you want to be in bed. For example, if you want 8 hours of sleep and you need to wake up at 6:00 am, plan to be ready for sleep by 10:00 pm. This means you’ll want to start getting ready for bed (aka shutting down your electronics) by 9:30 pm.

2. Movement or rest
I’m all about moving my body in ways that feel good and calm. On energetic days – it’s a quick workout or walk/run to a fun pop playlist. On slower days – I love doing a gentle yoga video in my pajama’s with soothing tunes in the background. And some days – an extra hour of sleep or a short meditation is what I need to feel taken care of. So if you’re in need of permission to rest, here it is.

Looking for movement/mindfulness resources? I like the “Basic Burner” workout in Nike Training Club’s App, Yoga with Adriene videos & Stop, Breathe & Think App

3. Regular meals
When my blood sugar starts to drop – so does my patience, energy, and positivity. So every evening I stock my reusable snack bag with nourishing snacks to help me take on the next day.

In need of snack ideas? Download a list from my library of free resources.

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