Today we’re talking beauty from the inside out! We have the talented Amanda Gangoso on as a guest, who is a fellow holistic nutritionist and also a makeup artist.

She’s sharing her wisdom on the importance of positive self-talk, how connecting with your products is key plus the benefits of seeing your beauty and health routine through a lens of self-care.

Amanda hopes to inspire you to connect with your health, wellness, and beauty in a positive light and love the skin you’re in.

During my eleven years as a makeup artist, I have heard countless women apologize to me upon meeting them for the way they think they look with wrinkles, bags and tired eyes.

With barely enough time to absorb their name, the request to transform their look to 20 years younger and the comment “Well Amanda, you really have your work cut out for you”, have been said. When this happens I have always felt a certain sadness, that a person whom I have just met feels the need to justify why they are not looking “perfect”.

I think on a subconscious level, it is part of human nature to create this negative self-talk, however, my philosophy as a practicing holistic nutritionist and makeup artist is to suggest being more aware of these moments when they occur and to direct the self-talk into a positive light.

When I work on a clients makeup we generally start talking about nutrition for skin health. Every woman wants to know the magic answer to reverse aging and erasing wrinkles. I get it, the physical signs of aging can be scary but it is a reality we all face.

It takes practice, but changing self-talk to a positive message will gradually weed out the negative self-talk and the negative self-image.

Think positive! Here are a couple of examples. “What cream is best for my skin type to make it glow?” or “I want to choose a red lipstick that suits my skin tone and looks sexy?”

My goal is not to change my clients faces or transform their look to someone they do not recognize, but to enhance their features in a way that brings out their unique and natural beauty.


I enjoy sharing my knowledge that encompasses skincare, makeup and nutrition. I want to encourage women to treat their health and beauty routine as an act of self-care, self-love and daily ritual. I encourage beauty, health, and wellness as a complete connection.

I believe when a person chooses a makeup or skincare product that has a meaningful story behind it, there is a connection. Connection to a favorite face mask that is a part of their weekly care ritual.

Think about it, how you feel when you eat that pie, homemade with fresh local ingredients, or the honey in your facemask sourced with beeswax from your local beekeeper. Think about applying lipstick that is made with the environment, your health and animal wellness in mind. Ask yourself how does that make you feel?

I know I feel great about it! Knowing a woman feels amazing as a result of a connection with themselves, their product choices and their self-care rituals. As women, we want to share what makes us feel good. Feeling “the stoke” motivates me to choose products as well as follow a lifestyle that fills my soul and allow me to connect with other women who feel the same.

What or who inspires you?


Amanda Gangoso is based in Vancouver, BC. She is a Freelance Makeup Artist, Educator and Holistic Nutritionist.

This year has brought on a new venture and partnership with the launch of The Green Beauty Collective.


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Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday! xo


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