When I first read through Jennie’s (wise) words, I couldn’t help but think – did she write this just for me?? I’ve spoken about my struggle with self-care in the past, and if I’m completely honest, is still happening as we speak.

That’s not to say my quest for more consistent rejuvenating time isn’t important to me! I know firsthand what’s waiting for me on the other side (hello, lonely burnt out version of Claire). But the tactics I’ve tried have been short-lived. It’s knowing what to do, but not knowing exactly how to get there.

Enter Jennie. She’s laid out how-to make this critical piece of your best-self happen (mom’s, dad’s, businesses owners, busy professionals, students or all of the above) alike.

So while I know that this article is not all about me 😉 , I also know that so many of you will resonate, especially as we head into the hectic holidays. This could quite possibly be my favorite how-to’s to-date. Without further ado…

How to make time for self-care

Have you ever found yourself admiring fashionable looks on runways, but thinking “how does that work in real life?!”. That’s a bit how I was feeling about self-care; making it work in real life seemed impossible. You’ve seen articles everywhere on the importance of self-care. The necessity of taking time for yourself. Put on your own oxygen mask before anyone else’s. But how do we actually do it?

What comes to mind when you think of self-care? A spa day? A weekend retreat? A week on the beach with slushy cocktails? Those are all fine and dandy. However, the minute we integrate back into daily life with real pressures and responsibilities, those feelings of relaxation often drift away faster than the changing tide.

Let’s look at the one thing you can do to make time for self-care in your day-to-day life.

Just before I fill you in on the “how”, I need to address the inevitable time issue. Our usual excuse is “I just don’t have time for self care”. That was my excuse too. I have three school age kids, two businesses, a marriage, volunteer commitments, and a social life.

Me time was at the bottom of the list. Then I met a friend who also had three kids, multiple businesses AND a partner who requires full time care, which she provides with very little support. But she still made time to travel, read, and even watch television. So that, “I just don’t have time” excuse can be promptly filed under delete.

“We have time for what matters to us. The question is what matters to us.” Salman Rushdie

If you want time for self-care, your new BFF is going to be your calendar.

It can be a digital calendar, a gorgeous luxe agenda, or big ‘ole piece of bristol board with a month (or week) drawn on it by hand.

Every single obligation and commitment will be slated into your calendar. Personal commitments. Business Commitments. Family commitments. And your commitment to yourself.


One of the biggest energy drainers we deal with is making decisions. Every single day we’re making hundreds of decisions. What time should I get up? Shower first or breakfast first? What to eat for breakfast? Should I work out or should I skip it today?

By slating each responsibility into your calendar, you eliminate the need to make so many decisions every single day.

  • Plan the entire week’s menu (and shop for it) on the weekend. Need some meal preparation support? I’m here for you!
  • Check e-mails in chunks of time, not each time your phone dings.
  • Take your to-do list and slot each “to-do” into the calendar.

Not only will you be able to make time for yourself (and stick to it), you’ll also free up energy and ease by not having to make so many decisions throughout your day.

The more elements of your day you can make a habit or decide on in advance, the easier and more relaxed your day will be.

You’re gettin’ a gift – thank you Jennie!

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Jennie is a Clinical Social Worker in private practice who is passionate about helping people create healthy relationships – including the one they have with themselves.

She works with individuals and couples for issues such as anxiety, trauma, self-esteem, infertility, parenting challenges, and stuck relationships. Stay connected at: www.jennieormson.com


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