I know (from my community surveys and client convos) that for many of you, meal preparation is something you want to be “successful” at.

I also know it can feel daunting, overwhelming and hard.

Now, before we dive into what works for me, I want to gently remind you that there is no “failing” on your path to wellness. Every effort that moves you in a positive direction is worth celebrating and any obstacle that comes up can be learned from.

I encourage you to experiment with the details of your meal prep routine – trying out different days, recipes, stores etc. No two weeks will look exactly the same, so give yourself permission to be flexible in this meal prep process.

One week you might rock all the recipes you planned for, or maybe your best looks like hard-boiling a dozen eggs. Living in the 21st century can be tough stuff, so learning to be kind to yourself in this process is equally as important as making the meals.

Alrighty, with that, let’s take a peek into my meal preparation routine!

First, I take a look at my schedule for the week.

I scan my schedule to see what meals will make the most sense to prep, according to what I’ll be up to. For example, if I’ll be eating out of the house a lot I want to make sure I’ve prepped some on-the-go snacks. Or if I’m at home, I might want to make something that I can warm up like a soup or stew.

Tailoring your meal prep to your schedule will reduce waste and time in the kitchen.

Then, I choose (usually three) recipes + make a grocery list.

I’m a creature of habit so if I find a recipe that works well, I repeat it. I believe the less decision making, the better. I’ll usually choose:

A big saladroasted veggie + bean salad, rainbow coleslaw, spiralized salad
Portable proteinsalmon balls, egg muffins, tempeh sticks
Sweet treatscarrot cake protein balls, oatmeal energy bites, protein cookies
Extra’s – hard boil eggs, roast veggies, cook rice/quinoa

There’s no need to make meal prep complicated. If you find a few meals that work, repeat em’!

And then, I shop + prep + store.

With my list in hand, grocery shopping is quick and affordable. In total, cooking for the week typically takes a couple of hours (one for planning + shopping and one for cooking).

Once you get into the swing of things – with tasty recipes, knowing what you’re buying at the store and have a favorite podcast lined up, meal prep can be really enjoyable. Your future self will thank you, promise.

Don’t like or want to cook? No problem. No, really!

It’s totally OK if you’d prefer to get your healthy eats outside of the home or have them delivered. What’s most important in this process is that you’re starting where you are and taking action towards your goals.

Sometimes, we need a bridge to help us on our meal prep way. Here are a few services for you to scroll through:

Grocery Gateway – online shopping + delivery in Toronto.
Fresh 20 – a meal planning service, created for busy families and singles who want to eat fresh, healthy meals, and save time and money.
Mama Earth Organics – weekly home delivery of local and organic food.

New article – “Healthy” Meal Myth Busters

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PS: Last week, I kicked off National Nutrition Month by sharing the three most important nutrition lessons I’ve learned (so far). ICYMI here’s the link.

Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday! xo



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