Looking for new feel-good foods to experiment with? Click here for 3 fancy foods that are surprisingly easy to make! Think energy balls, homemade nut milk + salmon burgers. All cooking skill levels welcome and little equipment required.

So when I first talk to clients about how they feel about making changes to their eating habits, they often express sadness for all the foods they will “have” to give up.

And I totally understand that mindset! The messaging we receive as it pertains to diet “success” is all about deprivation, restriction and all-or-nothing thinking. But if that black and white approach hasn’t helped you to feel better (in the long run), I invite you to explore the grey with me.

Instead of waiting until Monday to only eat all the healthy foods, keep doing what you’re doing and try adding in one nourishing food/meal into the mix. Then, get curious with how that addition left you feeling.

If you’re game to explore the grey, today I’m sharing three fancy looking foods/drinks that I’ve found to be surprisingly easy to make. To be clear, this list is not a list of “good” foods. It’s simply a list of new foods for you to experiment with. If one, two or all three help you to feel better, now you’ve got more feel good food options to rotate into your life.

3 fancy foods that are surprisingly easy to make  

Energy balls

Helpful tool: Food processor
Recipes: 5 ingredient peanut butter cup energy bites, Almond date energy bites
How-to video: Almond joy energy bites

Homemade nut milk

Helpful tools: High-powered blender + Nut milk bag
Recipes: Almond milk, Coconut milk
How-to video: Cashew (or any other nut) milk

Salmon burgers

Helpful tool: Food processor
Recipes: Salmon patties with flax, Classic salmon patties
How-to video: Salmon patties

PS: Happy (early) Mother’s Day to all the Moms and people you call Mom! Last year I wrote this Note from my Heart about what my Mother means to me – a reflection that still brings me to tears.

PPS: Speaking of tears, in last week’s Note from my Heart, I share a few daily habits that help calm my chaotic emotions.

Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday! xo


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