“Save Me from the Afternoon Energy Slump” Trail Mix

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  • This portable trail mix will satisfy your sweet cravings and save you from the afternoon energy slump.
  • It’s so easy and only takes 20 seconds to make!
  • Watch the video.


Berry Parfait 



  • Set yourself up for a morning with more energy, boosted mood and clearer thinking with another one of my quick & easy snacks to go. 
  • Here’s how to make a delicious and nutritious Berry Parfait. 
  • Watch the video.


How to Make Popcorn (Classic & Cajun)



  • If you get those late night, snacky, crunchy cravings – stop fighting your food and enjoy every coconut slathered kernel!
  • Here’s how to make healthy popcorn – Classic and Cajun style.
  • Watch the video.