Whenever any of my clients share their late night snacking struggle, I let them in on my regular Friday night ritual. Think – popcorn, kombucha and Law & Order (I’m OBSESSED).

I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, but salty and crunchy are the name of my craving game. So, instead of trying to resist it, I welcome the hunger and make a nourishing choice out of it.

So if you too get those late night, snacky, crunchy cravings (Amy Schumer sure does) – stop fighting your food and instead try letting your hunger be heard – and enjoy every coconut slathered kernel!

Here’s how to make healthy popcorn – Classic and Cajun style:

PS: If you missed my first two videos you can check out how to make an easy trail mix snack and a portable berry parfait here.

And if you found today’s popcorn video helpful, please share this link with your pals: http://bit.ly/2dGmowO

Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday! xo




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