“I was in a fragile state when we began working together; I was overwhelmed at work, sleep did not come easy & tackling my eating habits was the last thing I felt I could accomplish, especially when comfort was so easily found at the bottom of a bag of popcorn. Once I started the program, the realizations and emotions came fast. We started slow, building trust & setting realistic goals. I’m finding that I’m now making better decisions overall when it comes to food and self-care. I can see a clear path ahead of me where good choices become second nature and that’s all thanks to the work accomplished with Claire.” – Jaclyn Lacroix


Claire guided me slowly and gently towards what would end up being a major life change; showing me that any change that was going to be there to stay could only come with self-compassion. If you find that you are in a deep, dark, scary body and food place, Claire will hold your hand and lead you out of there at your own pace. She is great, the best, and probably helped me save my life. My only regret is not finding her sooner.  Working with her was a great experience and definitely the best money I’ve ever spent on anything, ever.” Jay Haney  

line“Claire helped me dig deeper, unearthing the roots of why my past methods didn’t get me to where I wanted to go and helped me discover which will. It’s not just the nutritional knowledge she gave me that is helping me make positive changes, it’s the support, kindness and all-around good-heartedness that will make me believe that I can make these changes last.” Alex Spinosa

“My work with Claire has been filled with generosity, kindness, and consideration; I feel supported and in a safe space with her. Just being heard and having somebody understand those very same struggles is such a huge support. I’m feeling more at ease with food and I can see my relationship to it is changing. I relate food to how it makes me feel and my goal is to feel vibrant and healthy!” Marianne deKleer line

“Working with Claire has been life-changing in unexpected ways. Her approach was kind, thorough, understanding, inspiring, gentle, joyous and very useful! I feel so prepared to prioritize my health while loving my body and saying ‘no’ to restrictive eating. For me, this is the beginning of a revolution!” – Danielle LaGroneline“For every little change I made following Claire’s advice, there have been noticeable results. One of the biggest differences is in my more consistent energy levels. As a result, I am a much more energetic person which has a positive impact on my day-to-day life. I like Claire’s personal approach, adapting the program to suit my specific routine, needs & goals. The fact that the changes suggested are realistic and aren’t intended to be adopted in an overwhelming way is hugely helpful.”  Anne McGetrick line
“Aside from all the positive food changes and healthy habits I’ve put in place, working with Claire has been such a pleasure and a joy. She is such an incredible person and I’ve felt very comfortable sharing my story along with my accomplishments and setbacks along the way.  I’ve found Claire to be incredibly dependable and caring and feel like I’ve made a new friend!”  Laura Keeling

line“You are never too old to learn something new. This is what I have had proven to me many times when I started working with Claire. At over 70 years old, I met Claire who has shown that by making choices based on scientific principles and mindful eating one can not only take charge of your diet also your life. I have more energy and can look at food in a positive way, which allows for a happier attitude all around.” Wendy Wardle in Victoria, BC
line“I think Claire is very knowledgeable, very helpful and very approachable. I liked the materials provided and I really enjoyed my face to face sessions with Claire.”  Sally-Jo Aisbitt
line“Before I started seeing Claire, I feel like I didn’t treat my body right. I didn’t give it the respect it needs and deserves. My motivation to change my eating habits were initially externally and not internally motivated. Through talking to Claire, I realized that I need to handle myself kindly and gently in order to understand, and consequently, accept my body and its signals to me. My journey is just beginning but I’m already noticing a difference in my relationship with myself and food. Paying attention to what my body wants and needs has been at the heart of all these alterations.”
 Marya Kayyal
“Through working with Claire I have created a new relationship with food, I have learned that food has its own demands in the relationship. I have learned to treat it as a newborn that craves attention and care. Claire has shown me the beauty of listening to what my body wants, and interpreting what each ‘cry’ means. Finally, Claire has shown me that it’s okay to mess up, we shouldn’t beat ourselves up for small mistakes, we should acknowledge them, take them into account and learn from them.” Showg Sahabline“It was very inspiring to work with her and to have a fully personalized program that works for me, as well as my family.”  Mireille Kanjline

I wasn’t taught the best eating habits growing up, and all the conflicting information I had read left me confused, so I wanted to talk to someone who could sort it all out for me. Claire’s approach to nutrition was realistic and was not intimidating. Now, my clothes are fitting and looking better, but it’s how I feel in my own skin that makes all the difference for me.”  Lorraine Hill 
I feel more energized and I feel I have a better understanding & appreciation for what I put in my body.” T.M.line

“Claire’s program has improved my mood and allowed me to learn new and life-long skills. I have gained a sense of knowledge and control over the choices I make around food. At the same time, I feel like the concepts of just listening to myself and learning to cope with stress have been some of the most important indicators of success for me. ”  Sarah Gibbens

line“I liked Claire’s flexibility. She worked with me at my pace and comfort level – which helped me achieve lasting change. I also think the information she provided me equipped me with the skills to sustainably continue my eating practices.” Corina TudorlineI found Claire to be very thoughtful and sensitive when individualizing my program to my lifestyle, fitness and health issues.”  Wendy Youens

“Working slowly toward my goal was amazing! It gave me enough time to absorb all those information, and make them part of my daily life. I’m happy that I found the lifestyle I was searching for. I’m happy because I’m feeling more energetic and confident. I’m glad that I’ve met you, Claire. You’re such a lovely, inspiring soul.” Dalal Alsharif  
line“What I loved most about working with Claire is that she treats you as a friend not just a client.”  Mohammed Hakeemline“I am really glad that I decided to see a nutritionist and most importantly that it was Claire. I do not really see it as an experience I would talk about to someone one day, instead, I see it as a turning point and a lifestyle changing period.  I would proudly recommend Claire to anyone I meet wanting to change their eating habits.”  Loai Ashgan