Stuck when it comes to meal planning? Click here for a list of simple and healthy meal ideas!

Imagine moving through your day feeling calm, grounded and in-charge of your food choices. Your energy is stable, no longer being drained from wondering, “What am I going to eat”? As a result – your productivity is on point and you’ve got that positive glow!

Regular, nourishing meals will lay the foundation for you to focus on living your life. Today I hope to help you lay that food foundation with a few simple and healthy meal ideas.

Scan the lists below and start with the one idea that will work in your life. For example – if you know, deep down, you will never get up early enough to have a sit-down breakfast, own that and plan accordingly. Carve out time in your schedule to prepare or pick-up on-the-go meals.

If you thrive on variety and enjoy eating different meals every day – wonderful! You’ll want to make sure you have ingredients for the “night before” options. Make sense?

Let’s get meal planning, my friends!

Simple meal planning ideas

On the weekend: Egg muffins, Pumpkin maple pecan granola
Night before: Greek yogurt parfait, Overnight oats
In the morning: Avocado toast

On the weekend: Energy balls, Protein cookies
Night before: Stock a snack pack with nuts, sliced apples/cucumber/celery, coconut chips, dried fruit
In the morning: Grab – Energy bar, Yogurt, Nut butter, Fruit

Lunch & Dinner
On the weekend: Vegetarian or Turkey chili, Salmon patties
Night before: Sandwich, Tuna & white bean salad
In the morning: Grab – frozen/pre-made meal or have one delivered

Need some meal planning accountability? Get in touch & tell me which ideas you’re going to try!

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