Want to learn how to make time for food prep so that your day doesn’t go downhill?​ Click here for a bunch of meal prep ideas & resources to help you eat well and feel great.

As we get back into the September structure groove, let’s talk about what so many of you wanted help with in the latest community survey – meal prep!

I know that life is busy and that you’re doing the best you can. So my hope with today’s tips is to take some of the perfection pressure off and allow you to develop a meal preparation practice unique to your life.

Reframe the food prep process
Do you feel like meal preparation is a total drag? Or, is it something that consistently slips to the bottom of your priority list? If so, it’s important to get really clear on why it’s on your list, to begin with.

Honestly ask yourself (based on your own experience):
What happened when I had nourishing meals ready to go? What happened when I didn’t? How was my mood, energy, focus (and wallet) affected?

Let your own history help you to identify if this aspect of your well-being is, in fact, a priority. Get clear on why preparing meals is important to you and the process happens with more a lot ease.

Reduce overwhelm
Is the guilt from not being able to replicate Instagrams perfectly portioned Tupperware pictures stopping you from even getting started? Shut that down my friend – both the app and the guilt. Take a breath and remember your life is different. Say it with me now “Progress, not perfection.”

Start by focusing on preparing the meals that will help you out the most. Scan your schedule for the week ahead and plan for the meals/snacks that will support you in between what might be out of your control (restaurant/work meals etc).

Pick a day to prep (and be flexible in the process)
Life gets busy FAST. Help your future self out by scheduling in an hour (ish) to prepare your meals. If that day doesn’t work out – no problem! Readjust your plan accordingly – knowing your pre-made meals and snacks are the foundation to helping you show up the best, brightest version of yourself.

Meal prep resources

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Planners: Grocery List Notepad, Menu Planner

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