Do you struggle to take care of yourself and put everyone’s needs before your own … but don’t know how to change? Well, today’s success story will show you that you are not alone and that there is another way.

One of my beloved clients, Mireille, is an incredibly caring soul who has put her family’s well-being before her own for the past 2 years. In doing so, she came to me exhausted, emotional and overwhelmed.

She knew that making multiple meals a day (none of which were for herself), going to the grocery store without plan, and not nourishing herself was- just -not-working.

Mireille’s deep desire to raise healthy boys and regain her more vibrant-self, made her an absolute joy to work with. I’m so proud of not only the meals she’s made, but how she’s stepped into a more nourished and sustainable happy Mom & wife role.

Mireille’s Story

I am a mother of 2 year old twins and it has been a while since I have taken care of “me”. I realized that I needed a major lifestyle change, to bring back the feel-good factor.

I was preparing different meals for everyone – one for the kids and one for hubby and me. I would be hungry during the day, and nibble on snacks that would only satisfy my hunger for a moment.

I really needed someone to help me prioritize and organize meals. More so, someone to explain and guide me through different strategies that could help me and my family lead a healthier lifestyle.

I met Claire at one of her seminars, and felt very encouraged to enroll in her program, and what an amazing life changer it was.

It was so refreshing to see a nutritionist that works closely with you to create something that works for you. So, rather than tell you what to eat, she helps you create a menu to your liking with the education that she provides.

Every time we met, she would go through how I felt and that helped me be more conscientious with the food that I am eating, and how my body reacts.

Claire started working with me on:

  • The basics and misconceptions about food that I had.
  • The tools to help guide me in any situation, be it in a restaurant or at home.

Claire gave me:

  • A lot of tips, recipe suggestions and the understanding that small changes can make a great difference in your life.
  • Above all, the gift of being able to have joined meals with my kids and husband.

It was very easy to talk to Claire, because she was always there to support me and was always checking-in. Although there were days where I wasn’t very positive and was looking at what I didn’t accomplish, she always managed to help me look at the cup half full!!!

It was very inspiring to work with her and to have a fully personalized program that works for me, as well as my family.

I have really enjoyed the journey and will continue to do so, because now I have the right tools. Thank you Claire!” – Mireille Kanj

Whether you’re a busy caretaker or caring soul who’s let their needs slip – I’m here to remind you, that YOU are important.

I know that you’re doing you’re very best, but I still want you to ask yourself if the exhausted, frantic, non-nourished life you’re currently living is working for you?

If not – I’m here for you, as you are. 

Here’s to you, xo

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