Realistic, Holistic Nutritional Services

I am thrilled to offer three different types of formats in which to inspire and guide you through your path of health, happiness and food freedom.  They are:  1) private sessions; 2) group sessions – events that I coordinate; and 3) guest speaking – events that are coordinated by you. 

Private Sessions – Your Path to Peace & Clarity with Food

Well-paced, bi-weekly, private sessions. Together, we will discover what foods work best for your health, body and taste buds! Everything tangible and intangible will be specifically designed for you making positive change achievable, personally enjoyable and actually sustainable.

I’ve designed this program to be a kind, inclusive space that will help set you on a path to food freedom once and for all.

Interested in working together? Get in touch with me here.

  • How it works

    We meet every two weeks, for 60 minutes, for a minimum of three months.

    This allows for the quality time that’s needed for long lasting change.

    In-person, Skype and telephone sessions are available.

  • You’ll experience

    The development of an authentic, balanced eating style – based on your hunger, satisfaction, nutritional needs and pleasure.

    The dissolution of the destructive diet/binge cycle.

    A better understanding of what your body needs and trust that it knows best.

    Feeling stronger and wiser in knowing how to properly nourish your body and mind.

  • The goods

    Two 60-minute sessions per month.

    Unlimited email support in between sessions.

    Personalized summary sheet – outlining your intentions/goals in between sessions; along with carefully curated resources.

    A whole food recipe book.

    Accountability, consistency, compassion and care.

    Opportunity to renew at a discounted rate.

  • Fees

    Your investment is $220.00 per month.

    I accept payment in full or monthly.

    If you plan on using benefits for payment, please ensure your provider covers a Registered Holistic Nutritionist before proceeding.

Group Sessions – Various Workshops

These are one-off group sessions, and depending on the specific workshop, you can attend either in-person and/or over video conference.  I cover a wide variety of topics that are of current interest and relevant to those looking to rediscover their relationship with food.

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Is there a specific workshop topic that you’d be interested in attending? If so, I’d love to hear from you! You can contact me here.

Guest Speaking – Hire Me!

Attention mom groups, meet ups, boot camp, lunch & learn, offices, schools, conferences, festivals, etc.  Let me make your life a little bit easier by bringing my workshop, as well as other nutritional topics you’d like me to cover to your location.

Some examples of past workshops include: Diet-No-More, Healthy Desk Dining, Being Socially Comfortable with Healthier Food Choices, Eating Healthy – it’s easier and cheaper than you think!, Stress & Self-care and Workplace Brain Foods.  

I’d be happy to bring this educational and interactive experience to your group and provide a warm, inviting, and supportive environment.

Contact me.