If you've ever wondered how I became a holistic nutritionist, you'll want to give this blog post a read. From dancer to dreadlocked traveler to helping people rediscover their relationship with food - it's been QUITE the journey so far! Click here to read my latest personal Note from the Heart.

It’s 2009 and I’ve just arrived in Australia – sweating and totally solo. Sydney seemed like a solid place to start my year (which turned into three) traveling and working abroad.

Before I hopped on a plane to the other side of the planet, I had gone through some intensely tumultuous times with food, my body, and identity (since quitting dancing due to said food and body issues). I was ready for a change, an adventure and to rediscover who I was, after so many years of worrying about my weight.

My first few days in Sydney were a combination of excitement – beautiful beaches, complete freedom! And also waves of overwhelm – why didn’t I buy any Australian travel books??

Within a few weeks, the dollars in my bank account had dwindled. Having always loved camping I decided to go WWOOFing. “Willing Workers On Organic Farms” is an organization that connects people who want to live and learn on organic farms in exchange for room and board. Win, win – I thought!

One of the first farms I landed on was in Nimbin, Australia. For all of you who are unfamiliar with Nimbin, it has an um, certain reputation. But I was drawn to it for its lush and remote location (promise!). Without much access to the media or mirrors and unlimited access to homegrown food – this farm and family helped shape the path back to myself and ultimately, my business.

The family that I lived with not only became dear friends but also my teachers. The father of the family was a functional medicine doctor who was eager to share his passion and extensive knowledge in holistic health. The mother encouraged me to cook, garden and helped me to see my gifts that had nothing to do with my body.

The family enjoyed beautiful, balanced and consistent meals, with many of the ingredients plucked straight from the lush veggie garden pictured above. This modeling helped me to see eating through a very different lens. Dread, anxiety, guilt, and frustration were no longer pulling up a seat beside me at the table. Slowly (and I mean verrry slowly), I started to understand that eating was an opportunity to nourish my body.

This experience, of rediscovering my relationship with food, was the reason I enrolled in the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and became a Registered Holistic Nutritionist upon my return to Canada. It’s the reason that I’ve kept going through the first (very stressful) years of starting a small business.

It’s the reason that my business, my clients and my community (YOU!) mean so much to me.

That’s my story, so far! As you can see, it’s been a windy path to get me to where I am today. My days are undoubtedly still filled with ups and downs, but when I look back I can trust that all the pieces of my life (even the painful ones) are on purpose.

Love List 

Eating: Tuna & White Bean Salad (I’ve been adding a bunch of veggies to this recipe)
Drinking: Blueberry Almond Butter Smoothie
Reading: Hunger
Listening: Life. Unrestricted

PS: If you’re craving healthy changes, now is a fantastic time to set some nourishing fall goals. In this month’s Tonic Magazine article, I show you how. I also share my top immune boosting tips to help beat cold & flu bugs. You can read it online here.  

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