Notes from the Heart is a monthly series where I, a holistic nutritionist, write from my heart and history. I hope that in sharing parts of my past you’ll feel less alone in your struggles with food, body image and well, life. Click here to read the four most read and shared notes since its inception two years ago.

Let’s take it back a couple years when I was on a call with my business coach at the time. She was curious to know more about the path that led me to my holistic nutrition practice. So, I told her a little bit about my past and some of the struggles I experienced along the way.

After hearing a snippet my story she reminded me of the power that comes from authentic communication and believed so many would benefit from hearing about my history.

And with that gentle nudge, a monthly series called “Notes from the Heart” was born. On the first Wednesday of every month, we pause Wellness Wednesdays, and I share parts of my past written directly from the heart.

Today I’m rounding up the four most read and shared notes from my heart since its inception. I hope that this series is and will continue to show you we’re all in this (messy life) together!

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#1: Healthy eating isn’t the reason I become a nutritionist

This is the very first note from my heart I ever wrote. And when rereading this piece, I expected (a lot of) cringing but I felt (mostly) pride. This note may help anyone who feels like everyone else has this “normal eating” thing all figured out. (Spoiler alert – they don’t!)

#2: Finding peace in the process

Let’s take it back even further, about 7 years, when I began rediscovering my relationship with food. To paint you a quick picture – I lived on a farm in rural Australia where there was no media or even mirrors! When a participant at one of my workshops asked how I now manage being immersed in a sea of societal triggers, this was my response.

#3: Why I stopped promoting weight loss

This was, hands down, one of the hardest notes I’ve ever written. I went back and forth with if I even needed to speak the mistakes I made or could just casually continue on? But I landed on being truthful. Because I believe it’s important to be transparent in our human experience. We’re all learning, growing and *practicing* self-compassion – together.

#4: What I learned from one of the darkest times in my life

If you turn to food to self-soothe during times of transition or stress – I’ve been there, too. Looking back, I did the best to manage my emotions with the tools that I had. In this note, I share what I’ve learned from a decade of therapy and a whole lotta self-work.

Thank you for sharing this (vulnerable) space with me and for showing up so bravely in your life!



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