I remember the day so clearly. I was on a music festival tour (before you get too excited, I worked at a clothing stall, not as a rock star) back in my transient dread-locked days. My boss and I stopped in at an eclectic second hand clothing store, to say hello to the owner.

She was a beautiful, bigger woman whose light shone so brightly, it was impossible to ignore.

Although I had I come a very long way in my disordered eating recovery, the beliefs I had built upon happiness and body shape, remained very much intact.

It wasn’t until I was immersed in this full-bodied woman’s beauty, did I literally feel those beliefs come crumbling down.

Her confidence and captivating charm made me question…everything. I thought to myself “She’s big…and happy?…Whaaaaaaaaa?”

I’ll never forget that moment, her energy and my world being opened up to another way to authentic joy. (And as her newest biggest fan, I also bought a TON of clothes. And so was born my thrift shopping obsession.)

Now, that’s not to say my old thought patterns haven’t popped back in throughout my own journey. But I keep this experience tucked away, as a reminder that we have the ability to re-shape our beliefs at any time, our brains are amazing like that.

How? Well,

Your daily behavior reveals your deepest beliefs. – Robin Sharma

So, if your current beliefs are bringing you down, and facilitating terrible (comparison trap & destructive self-talk) behaviours – here’s your permission to begin building new ones. Consciously create a life of feel-good, all-accepting, inspiring messaging.

Social Media: Cull your Facebook feed, Instagram scroll – so that when you hop on, you leave feeling better, not worse. Remember – “sleek and svelte bodies do not necessarily belong to happy hearts.” Check yo- self, my friends.

Self-talk: Question your inner-critic. The Voice may be loud, but not necessarily right. Practice standing up to the statements that have gotten in your way of happiness.

Community: “It is your right to decide who is in your life and who’s not in your life.” Pick the people who remind you on the regular (through positive body talk, empathetic chats and loving “don’t take like too seriously” laughs) that you are wonderful, exactly the way you are.

With the weather warming up, and bodies becoming more bare – it’s a perfect time to practice putting your new, nourishing behaviors into place.

You are the most wonderful,




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Sources: Geneen Roth & Gavin DeBecker

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