At the height of my struggle with food, it’s aaall I could think about. Apart from the fact that I was Hungry (with a capital H), I believed that every slip up pulled at the string of my success, slowly but surely unraveling all of my hard work.

After each “failure”, the demotivating guilt and frustration that I felt so deeply, held me back from making any major momentum.

I see this same pattern with many of my beloved clients, in my holistic nutrition practice. They can rock their conscious choices most of the time, but as soon as they make one decision that deviates from their plan, it spirals into a sequence of blame and self-sabotage.

Sound familiar? Enter the Clean Slate Strategy.

I was first introduced to this strategy for change and habit formation in Gretchen Reubin’s awesome book, “Better Than Before.”

She writes “The fresh start, the do-over, or the new year is a crucial time because it offers tremendous opportunity for forming new habits.”

With this strategy in mind, let me ask you this – what if you allowed each and every eating experience to be a fresh start? That regardless of what decision you made in the past, every time you eat, you own the fact it is a brand new opportunity to nourish your body?

I want you to know that you don’t have to wait for New Years to start forming healthier, more nourishing eating habits. I invite you to wipe your slate clean every time you eat and to “take advantage of this clean slate, as a moment to change a habit.”

Because straight up – shame and blame will not bring you to your goals faster (or at all!!). Swap any criticism that can come from a decision that didn’t make your body feel good with compassion & curiosity.

And bathe in a wave of relief knowing that slip-ups are expected, and are an important part of your best-self journey.





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