Moderation has been something that I have struggled with my entire life, January included. Making the decision to move more, made way for a new workout routine that I quite easily slipped into.

Mid-way through the month, however, I felt myself feeling totally…fried. And not the good, I’m just getting back into shape tired. The worn-out version of myself that is no good to anyone, particularly me!

Know this:

This won’t work without you – whatever you’re doing with your life – you are the celebrity, you are the star, you are the engine: it’s you. If you’re sick, if you’re exhausted, if you can’t think clearly, this won’t work, the party won’t go on.

So I made a decision (partly because I love parties), that to most might seem so insignificant it doesn’t seem worth mentioning.

For me, however, it was deeply meaningful. Instead of waking up at 6:00am to go for a run, write and prepare for a corporate seminar, I decided to let myself sleep in. I made the decision to check-in and ask, what does my body actually need right now?

That pause and deep breath, brought a reality check. I was in control, not my schedule, and I decided I that needed sleep.

And with that, I was able to relinquish the control of the compulsion that can come with existing in the extremes. I had a seriously quality sleep and woke up feeling pretty friggen’ proud of myself for putting my needs, instead of what I “should” do, first.

Give yourself permission to hit pause the next time you feel your best-self slowly seeping out of you.

Stumped for ideas? Well, here are some of my favourite re-fueling activities:

If this feels foreign, self-indulgent or perpetuates guilt, trust me – I get it.

But you must remember to:

Really think of yourself as indispensable to yourself, and put yourself first, because the train can’t keep moving unless you are in peak condition. – Alexandra Franzen

I hope in sharing my sleep-in story you’ll be feel inspired to take the time to investigate what your wonderfully unique needs are.

Be playful and patient with yourself in the process; and know by checking-in with what you really need, you’re well on your way to sustaining your most stellar – (energized, positive & grounded) self.

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