If your food frustrations and body struggles are holding you back from fully living your one beautiful life, I write this love letter to you.

If you’ve put your favourite activities on hold, spend most of your days in sweats no matter what the temperature is outside, and feel so far gone you’ve lost hope – I’m so glad you’re here.

Many of the months following my decision to quit dancing are a haze. A cake, fast food, chocolate almond and all of the food I had so diligently restricted for the past couple years, haze.

My weight went up, and quickly, as my poor body didn’t know if there was another famine around the corner. It didn’t take long for me to have gained so much weight, I felt my world had been flipped upside down.

I could barely look at myself in the mirror and spent my days trying to escape the vessel that I was begrudgingly attached to.

It wasn’t until one of my (many) therapists posed a series of questions to me, that ultimately changed the course of my recovery and life. She first asked me: 

“If what you’re doing now isn’t working, what have you got to lose in trying a different way?”

Without a having a (sassy) rebuttal ready, I allowed her to continue…

“And what if instead of waiting until your body is the way you want, you begin living as if it is? Tell me – what foods would you fill your body with and how would you spend your days?”

And so began the journey back to my body. I was so fed up with feeling miserable I decided, okay, I’ll pretend that this body is a thing of beauty. Why? Because when you love something, you treat it with kindness, nourish it with fuel and want the best for it.

This exercise, which can be found (plus many more) in Geneen Roth’s book “Why Weight?” helped me push through a resistance that had been holding me back from moving forward in my recovery and best-self journey.

Just start pretending

So, if you’re living in progress paralysis because of the deep unhappiness you’re feeling in your body…pretend.

Just start pretending you’re inhabiting the body you so deeply desire, beginning with the exercise below:

If you were to decide that you were already absolutely fine the way you are, if you were to begin living as if you were satisfied with yourself & your body, what you do? How would live?

Complete the sentence: If I were to begin living as if I was 100% happy with my body, I would:

One thing on this list that I will do this week is:

And just so you know, your body (just as it is) is already thing of beauty. This exercise will simply help you move from disbelief to a believer.

If you’re in need of some more support – I want you to know that you don’t have to be a certain way or have a certain amount of knowledge before working with me.

I’m here for you. As you are. xo




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