I want you to think about the chatter that’s happening inside your head – would you say it’s mostly positive, or negative?

Not quite sure? Well, let’s pretend you’ve “been good” (read: restricting) all day, but then your boss gives you tude’, your commute is crazy, and you arrive home only to find your honey has ordered pizza. The ooh-gooey cheesalicious variety…a food you’ve decided is your nemesis.

Without paying attention to the pizza, you quickly find yourself looking down at an empty box, thinking – “What just happened? How did I even get here?…”

…PAUSE. What happens in your head next?

If your pizza choice opens the guilt-gates and your feelings of being out of control around food wrap you in a blanket of shame, I suspect your self-talk is anything but rainbows.

I know this because for many years I believed that berating my body and criticizing my choices would lead to change. I felt I didn’t deserve kindness – that would come when I finally lost weight (and kept it off of course).

But this tortuous self-talk only left me exhausted, lonely and further away from reaching any kind of goal. 

So if this feels familiar, let me ask you this, how’s your current inner critic working for you?

If you’re tired of fighting with your body, I invite you to walk away from the battle line and come alongside your body. Stand next to it, as you would a dear friend, and begin to replace any criticism with curiosity.

Because food is just food. So, let’s try to shift the focus from the food itself to why you chose it.

Taste? Amazing! The next time you choose pizza/nemesis food, I encourage you to be there, fully. Pay attention to the ooh-gooey cheese that you love so much, and notice how it feels in your body.

Stress? I totally understand. What could you have done before you dove into the deep dish? Given your honey a long hug? Listened to some relaxing/feel-good tunes? Enjoy a cup of your favourite de-stressing tea?

Not sure? Try taking big 3 big deep breaths before your piece and ask yourself, “What am I really looking for here?”

Showing up in the process with compassionate questions is the key to change I wish I had discovered long ago and am so grateful to be able to hand it over to you.

Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday! xo





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