Struggling to accept your body among diet culture, societal pressures, social media and stress? Click here to learn what helps me, a holistic nutritionist, find peace in the food & body freedom process.

During the last workshop I hosted, after sharing my story, I was posed question that’s stuck with me ever since.

(For all those who are new here, welcome! And to get you up to speed – I suffered from disordered eating for the bulk of my youth/ late teens. It wasn’t until I left all that I knew and landed on off-grid organic farms in Australia, did I begin to re-discover my relationship with food.)

So, the enthusiastic attendee asked “how were you able to stay on this new journey with food/ your body once you were off the farm and back in the concrete jungle?” “What happens when the mirrors, societal pressures, social media and stress come back into the picture?”

I paused for a minute, thought hard and responded – “I’ve been able to find peace in the process.”

Now, I want to be very clear, this peace didn’t magically appear when I started to eat more whole foods! It’s come from a place of deep commitment – to a fuller life. A life that’s no longer ruled by restriction and instead rooted in self-compassion.

And I want you to know that I’m still fully on this journey. That some day’s self-compassion and acceptance come with ease; but when adulting is asking too much of me, I can hear the voices of my old coping habits creep back in.

But I stop and remind myself that my old ways didn’t work.

If you’re fed-up with your failed attempts in reaching your goals, I invite you to dis-attach from the outcome and instead, commit the process.

What does this look like? Well, for me, it looks like waking up each morning reminding myself I have the gift a fresh start. It involves accepting that every day will look different; and regardless of the choices I make, I’m worthy of kindness. Because…

The shape of your body obeys the shape of your beliefs about love, value, and possibility. – Geneen Roth

And I believe that peace is more important than losing weight.

I hope that in sharing where I find myself on my journey, you’ll better understand that your goals can be accomplished on a daily basis. So, focus on putting one positive choice in front of the other and always slip self-compassion and kindness in between.

Wishing you peace, xo



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