It had been 10 years since I set foot in a dance studio. My dance-free decade was spent recovering and then rediscovering myself no longer solely identified as Claire – the dancer.

Part of me had made peace with the fact that I’d never dance again. Like a lantern that had once light up my life, the desire was extinguished, with no fuel in sight.

But since being back at the gym, I’ve gained more confidence in my body’s ability and thought; maybe a class could be…fun? Okay, do-able.

I tried talking myself out of it all morning. With my heart racing, the gremlins chimed in, fueling my self-doubt and ferocious fear that comes with the discomfort that lies in uncertainty.

Almost walking right past the studio doors, I remembered Elizabeth Gilbert’s take on fear:

“Just don’t listen to it,” Gilbert urges. “Onward.”

As the class unfolded, I found myself on an emotional roller coaster. Exhilarated that contemporary classes are taught to Rihanna – hello, fun! , quickly followed by frustration, when I couldn’t nail the choreography the first time around.

I kept failing, but you know what? The world kept turning. Walking down the stairs out of the studio, I was overcome with emotion, and I’m brought to tears now revisiting that moment.

So many of my final memories of dancing are saturated in pain. And because of that, I had forgotten just how much I so deeply love to dance.

In making the decision not to listen to fear, I was reacquainted with the light that had left me so long ago.

Make way for one powerful lesson. It’s reminded me that yes – failure, embarrassment and disappointment are all very real possibilities.

But at what cost? Missing out on joy, creativity, growth and dare I say, fun?! So, I want you to ask yourself, what are you afraid of?

Are those fears worth missing out on that magic that’s patiently waiting for you on the other side? I hope in sharing my decision to dance you’ll feel motivated to get out of your own way and START already.


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