In today's Note from my Heart, I'm sharing how I get myself out of a slump (no fancy or expensive resources required). I also offer a few questions to help guide you to a nourishing self-care starting place. PLUS a fun list of things (playlist, podcast, books) that I’m loving at the moment.

How was your August? I’ve missed you! My month was made up part productivity, part fun aaand part slump.

Now, whenever I slip into a slump, it can still feel tempting to turn outward for the answer to my “WHAT’S THE POINT OF IT ALL?” melancholy moments. The pull to “fix” my apathy from external solutions is strong. Cue scrolling the internet for all the happiness hacks I can get my hands on.

At some point during the scroll, I catch myself and take a step back. I remind myself that it’s all transient. I’ve felt these feelings before and I trust my ability and body to weather this storm.

If you don’t believe that your body can be trusted, know that “body trust is a birthright – you come into the world with it and somewhere along the way it gets hijacked, by the culture, your family, and the medical establishment to name a few.” –Be Nourished

So the next time you feel stuck or in a slump start by reflecting on what you’ve done in the past that’s previously helped you to feel well, nourished, grounded, at ease. With your answers in mind ask yourself – “What can I start doing now that feels sustainable?” Be honest and gentle with yourself in the process.

Questions to help guide you to a self-care starting place

Tired all-the-time: Would heading to bed earlier (even just 15 minutes) help you get back into a sleep schedule? Prioritizing sleep is a fantastic place to start.

Erratic eating habits: Could you try packing a snack to carry with you throughout the day? You can find a list of snack ideas right here.

Melancholy mood: Are you moving your body joyfully? Give yourself permission to do any activity that helps you to feel good in that moment.

For me, this meant sleeping in, stricter social media boundaries, quality time with friends and frozen yogurt.

Love List

Music: This soothing playlist
Articles: Do you need that? + 10 effective self-care rituals for stressed out, overwhelmed highly sensitives
Podcast: Real Talk Radio with Kristen Kalp
Books: Dietland and The Happiness Trap

PS: In September’s article for Toronto’s Tonic Magazine, I explain why your stress eating habits might be escalating (spoiler alert: it has nothing to do with your willpower). I also include a few tools to help you find some calm this coming month. If you’d like, you can read it here.

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