Hello my name is Claire, and I’m a “Highly Sensitive Person”. 🙋 I only recently heard of this official trait, coined by Psychologist Elaine Aron, but as soon as I did, SO MUCH MADE SENSE.

“Don’t be so sensitive” has been a constant comeback in my life. Passing comments seem to roll off certain shoulders, yet stick to mine. I overthink everything and feel-so-deeply.

And for a very long time being hyper-emotional felt exhausting. Why couldn’t I just keep calm and carry on?? Then somewhere along my journey, I heard this reframe:

“It’s not your fault, but it is your responsibility.”

This mindset shift helped me step out of a passive, pity party state, and into making the most of my innate trait. Meaning, that instead of feeling frustrated with my chaotic emotions, I’ve committed to discovering what I need to find more ease and peace in my day to day.

The habits that help bring me peace of mind

Through conscious and endless experimentation, I’ve discovered a few “anchor habits” that help me to take care of myself. These habits (that I also work on developing with my clients) help ground me when life starts to feel too much.

Movement in the morning

You know that self-care saying, “You can’t pour from an empty cup”? Well, I find when I move in the morning, I start the day feeling “filled up”. The how depends on what will feel best in my body that day – yoga at home in my comfies, a walk or a sweaty gym session are my current favorite ways to move.

I love: Yoga with Adriene + listening to the Food Psych podcast on my walks + this guilty pleasure playlist at the gym.

Regular meals

On Monday evenings, I dedicate about an hour to preparing a few meals for the week ahead. That way, as I notice my hunger during the work day, my meals are easy and no-brainers. I find this helps reduce “decision fatigue” so I can focus my brain power on my beloved clients.

I love: My slow cooker + these recipe resources + SNACKS!

Setting boundaries

Sleep, screen-time and social media usage are the top areas in which I need to set boundaries for. That means I don’t (often) make plans on weeknights so I can get to bed early. For work, I put blocks in my calendar to remind me to shut it down and schedule in specific times to be on social media.

Because not enough sleep + comparison trap spiral = hiding under the covers questioning everything.

I love: Google calendar reminders + reading non-biz books before bed + Freedom – a free website blocker.

Paying attention to my thoughts

As my busy brain gets going, I remind myself (over and over and over) that not everything that I hear is fact. It’s simply information that I decide what to act on. It requires constantly choosing the thought that will serve me.

Choosing the compassionate, supportive thought definitely doesn’t come easily all the time. But it’s a practice that I return to every day.

I love: The Mindful Path to Self-Compassion + Tara Brach

So if you’re seeking some more inner peace, I encourage you to come alongside yourself. Get to know what you need from a place of care and kindness.

It’s important to remember that my anchor habits might look nothing like yours, and that’s perfectly OK because our needs are all so different. Set the intention of finding out what helps YOU to feel taken care of.

PS: If you’re looking for more/different ways to take care of yourself, here is a roundup of my favorite self-care resources.

PPS: And if your diet is in need of some fresh, spring vibes – click here for a big list of nourishing recipes to explore.

Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday! xo


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