In the depths of my disordered eating days, I believed with every fiber of my being that I was happy. Because, well, I did everything I was supposed to (according to the fitness magazine workout plans and my precise calorie counting).

I sacrificed socializing, spent all of my energy exercising, and exhausted all of my emotions planning (and then ruminating on) my food choices.

From the outside, I had this whole “healthy eating” thing pretty darn perfect.
But on the inside, I was tired, terrified and felt completely alone.

I knew that I couldn’t keep up with the expectations I had placed on myself, but was so scared of what would happen if I let go of the “perfect” nutrition grasp that I was holding on to so tightly.

Being immersed in the wellness industry, I know that my story is not unique. And I also know that from the countless courageous clients that voice their body and food concerns to me on weekly basis, similar struggles remain constant.

Maybe you’re reading this and don’t see yourself as a conventional dieter, but your “healthy eating” habits are negatively affecting your life. If so, I invite you to re-examine if these self-imposed rules are in fact healthy.

My hope in sharing the most important nutrition lessons that I’ve learned (so far) is to expose you to different ways of relating to nutrition, and provide some comfort knowing you’re not alone in pursuit of food peace.

Without further ado…

The three most important nutrition lessons I’ve learned

#1. I have unconditional permission to eat.

Full transparency – this is a lesson I remind myself of on the regular. The beliefs I had around what I was worthy of eating were strong ones. So whenever I hear the faint echoes of my dieting mind trying to dictate if/what I should eat, I pause and simply say to myself “If I want to eat, I can, just as I am.”

Read more about why and how to give yourself permission to eat anything.

#2. For me, being flexible with my food choices holds the key to a healthy relationship with food.

As much as we’d like to believe we have control over most of our food choices, the reality is we just don’t. I find impromptu lunches out, celebratory meals or travels that take me out of my normal environment are more the norm. Learning to trust my body & choices and practicing compassion in the process have been crucial lessons in developing healthier eating habits.

I wrote about the importance of being fierce in your quest to feel good, but flexible with your food choices in this blog post.

#3. Nutrition is only one factor in feeling nourished.

This lesson is one that I’m still learning, every day. I’m constantly exploring and reflecting on what is (and what isn’t) making me feel my best. Yes, eating a way that gives me energy and provides satisfaction is part of this picture, but only one part. Meaningful relationships, movement, creativity, and growth are equally as important.

You can start to better understand what you’re truly hungry for by learning about primary hungers here.

Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday! xo


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