Happy New Year !

I was lucky enough to spend the holidays with my family in Vancouver, blessed with access to all of the festive things.

And because we eat not only for nutritional benefits but also for connection and taste, I said YES to all of the festive things that I desired.

Real talk – although I’ve done a lot of work quieting the voice of my dieting mind, I can still hear its faint echo…even during this recent holiday.

The difference in how I relate to it now, versus during my disordered days, is that (through said self-work) I know why it’s showing up and how to turn the volume right on down.

There’s too much behind the “why” to cover today, but one way I get through its destructiveness is by swapping self-control with self-care.

Because it’s important to know that we can control our weight in the same way that we can control our health. Meaning, although we have an influence on our weight, we are not in ultimate control of it.

So, with that, if you’ve got a weight-focused program, detox or cleanse on the go (or planned), I want you to think about your previous attempts at dieting.

Have they left you “feeling worse about yourself, led to a damaged relationship with food, poor body image, or weight gain”?  If so, I urge (okay, I beg you!) you to consider a new approach, this New Year.

Start by ditching the one-size fits all diets and detox’s, and instead aim to respect, be kind and take good care of the body that you’re in right now.

Kindness and self-respect create the conditions that allow us to believe in our ability to change, grow and move toward what we most desire in our lives. – Be Nourished

PS: If taking care of a body you’re uncomfortable in feels impossible, try living “as if” you do

PPS: I recently wrote an article for Tonic Toronto Magazine on how to shift into a more peaceful place with food and your body without any fancy kitchen gadgets, pricey supplements or restrictive programs. You can check it out here.


Wishing you a year filled with love, joy and peace, xo


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