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It’s officially December, aka the beginning of the busy season!

For this very reason, I’m preparing the next couple of posts for you to bookmark and return to when you create some space to dive in.

Read on for the most loved Notes from my Heart, gift ideas I can get behind and a couple resources to help you take good care of yourself this holiday season. Enjoy!

The three most read & shared Notes from the Heart of 2017

Why I stopped promoting weight loss
The story of how I started my holistic nutrition business
Why absolutely nothing is wrong with your body

Gift ideas

Guides: 11 minimalist gift ideas that add to happiness – not clutter, Rachel Cole’s (gorgeous) 2017 Gift Guide, Be Nourished’s 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Goodies I’m loving: Light simulating alarm clockthese slippers, reusable snack bags, Zimt chocolates, kombucha tea homebrew kit, Yoga with Adriene membership

Good causes: Tight Knit Syria, The Stop Community Food Centre, Toronto Environmental Alliance, Project Amal ou Salam, The Body Positive

Holiday self-care help

ArticleEmotional eating during the holidays; how to avoid the diet-binge cycle
If the holidays are a hard time for you, it can be common to turn to food for comfort. In this month’s “Nourish” article, I explain how emotional eating is not inherently wrong and provide tools to help you connect with what you truly need.

Free webinarStress & Self-Care during the holiday season
Join me LIVE tomorrow at 7:00 pm EST! We’re going talk about some simple, practical ways you can take of yourself this holiday season. Thank you so much for your patience and I can’t wait to connect with you.

Have a wonderful week! Be kind to yourself and others.

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