Last week we welcomed the first day of fall, here in the in the Northern Hemisphere. To be honest, at the time I didn’t remember that the fall equinox was upon us but could definitely still feel a shift. Mostly in that it was harder to wake up!! Anyone else? 😏

So, as we start to say goodbye to summer’s longer days (sob sob), I invite you to use the change in seasons as an opportunity to pause and ask yourself – “How do I want to feel this fall?”

If you’re feeling stuck, uncomfortable in your skin or incredibly confused by all nutrition the information out there – I can assure you that you’re are not alone.

A current beloved client of mine was where you are, just four sessions ago. Lorraine’s openness to the program and dedication to feeling her best has allowed her experience some amazing changes in a matter of weeks.

Lorraine’s Wellness Journey

“I came to see Claire on the recommendation of my chiropractor because I was looking to change my eating habits. I like to keep active with running and ballet classes, but for several months I was feeling stuck.

I wasn’t taught the best eating habits growing up, and all the conflicting information I had read left me confused, so I wanted to talk to someone who could sort it all out for me. I liked Claire immediately and signed up for her program right at the end of my initial consultation.

She is gentle, respectful and understanding and I felt I could be open and honest about my thoughts around food and she would work with me as an individual, with no judging. Her approach to nutrition was realistic and was not intimidating.

The program she gave to me offers enough structure for me to stay on track – even when I’m busy or stressed out! – but enough flexibility for me to choose foods that I really like and to work around my erratic work schedule.

I’m eating quite a lot of healthy foods, so I never get to the point of feeling ravenous and then gorging on whatever fast food I can find. I feel perfectly satisfied all of the time!

I’m now a few weeks into the program, and not only am I feeling so much better, but other people have started to notice and say that I’m looking great too!

My clothes are fitting and looking better, but it’s how I feel in my own skin that makes all the difference for me.

I also started to notice some other amazing changes:

  • By eliminating dairy and learning which foods cause or reduce inflammation, my recurrent joint injuries improved significantly within a couple of weeks.
  • I have so much more energy that I have been able to meet running time and distance goals that I have been striving towards for months!!

I love this new lifestyle, and I feel like it’s just the beginning of a journey for me! I’m looking forward to continuing to work with Claire over the coming months and learning more ways to eat that are healthy, fun and satisfying.”

Start Your Path

Let the crisp autumn air on your face and crumpled leaves beneath your feet be a reminder that nature is changing and if you want to, so can you.

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Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday, xo




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