Today’s story is an (extra) special one, as it’s the very first time I’m featuring a “where are they now?” piece.

I followed up with one my beloved clients Sarah, to find how she’s been doing since working together almost two years ago (WHAT!).

Working with Sarah has been one of the most fulfilling experiences in my career to date, and I was so thrilled to hear of her continued growth.

I caught up with Sarah last week and interviewed her, Q & A style. You can catch her awe-inspring answers below.

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What was the moment that prompted you to invest in a holistic nutritionist?
“My rock-bottom moment was when I couldn’t recognize myself anymore. I reflected back to previous times in my life and, as hard as I tried, I couldn’t remember the last time I was happy with myself or comfortable in my own skin.

What were you struggling with when you first reached out to me?
I felt so out of touch with myself. I will never forget when you asked me “what does health mean to you?” and I couldn’t answer that question.

I felt heavy both physically and emotionally. I felt out of control of my eating habits, drank copious amounts of caffeine, and had restless sleeps that lasted for hours on end during the weekends.

I felt stressed at work and blamed work for not being able to make healthy choices or make healthy dinners.

What was the most surprising part of your experience with me?
The entire transformation of my life was the most surprising experience, Claire!

I came into this thinking, “I want to lose weight”, and I ended up being blessed with something even better! I began to understand what hunger actually felt like, and could really critically think about food choices.

Yeah, sure, it was never “perfect” but that isn’t what I am looking for anymore! I began to know that I have a choice and that I am in control of those choices!

I also know that it is up to me to feel the effects of those choices and to learn about myself along the way.

Would you share some of the shifts that you recognized in your life or body, since our time together?
Since our time together Claire, I started:

• Sleeping soundly and working effectively.
• Feeling full and satisfied with meals.
• I started setting boundaries in my life and understanding the concept of self-care.
• I grocery shop with ease and make meals ahead of time.
• I have more energy and am highly motivated to sustain my goals.
• I have lost a substantial amount of weight since our time together, but that is less on my mind now as the only “success”.

What is life like now, approximately two years since our very first meeting (I can’t believe it!!)?
Claire, I have this energy and confidence that I want to share with the world! I even got a dog as a companion to match my energy level! I have continued to motive others to want to improve their nutrition.

I have gone through some ups and downs as we all do, but have managed to stick to our fundamentals. I don’t see food as a means to an emotion anymore. That is, I don’t look to food to make me feel “comforted” when I am bored or restless.

I look to food as fuel, and really try to take it easy on myself (example, the holidays). I feel grounded and in control, managing stress with ease.

I have never been happier.”

Thank you, Sarah, for sharing your thoughts and reflections with us. You are a STAR. 

Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday! xo



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