Today I want to share a testimonial from a recent client who has reminded me… why I do what I do. It’s through Ashleigh’s beautiful reflections that I’m reminded of why this work is important now more than ever.

You see, the holidays that are on the horizon can feel like an extra challenging time when you’re trying to do good by your body.

External pressures have us restricting before the parties even begin, which leads to feeling out of control around food (ps: not your fault, a natural result of restriction), and then were smack dab in January’s diet culture craziness.

If you’re setting yourself up for this exhausting and emotional roller coaster, STOP.

Start by separating what has happened in holidays past from the realities of what is possible this year, this holiday, nowAnd that’s a holiday filled with food freedom and comfortable satisfaction.

I want you to know that there’s no “right way” or “perfect time” to start moving away from the external noise and back into your body.

We’ll respect the pace that’s needed to bring you peace during the most wonderful (and sometimes stressful) time of year, and always start exactly where you are.

Now, here’s Ashleigh, sharing the amazing positive changes she experienced in our work together!

Ashleigh’s Story

As someone committed to holistic mind/body/spirit integration, I recognized that although I had come a long way with my relationship with food and my body from many years ago when I suffered from clinical eating disorders and self-harm, this was still an area of my life where I was more asleep than awake.

For the most part, deciding what, when, and how much to eat came more from the outside than the inside. When I stepped outside of what I perceived as ‘correct’ food behaviours as dictated by supposedly “healthy” sources, my reaction was mostly that I had in some way failed.

When I came across Claire’s work I felt a strong internal YES! I sensed she could be my guide in bringing more light to this area of my being through building a trusting and listening relationship with my body.

Alas, Claire was everything I could have wished for and more. First of all, she is incredibly knowledgeable, providing thorough ‘scientific’ explanations for all of her personally tailored nourishing suggestions in beautifully written handouts.

It felt like Claire was always there for me, offering unlimited email support and the best bi-weekly skype ‘retreats’ (they were that enjoyable and uplifting). But my favorite thing about Claire is her beautiful personality, which made this profound journey actually enjoyable (but not always easy!).

Claire is incredibly kind, creative, enthusiastic, and compassionate in her human-to-human counsel. She truly embodies the truth that awareness is curious, not judgmental.

From the inside out, through tracking how I really felt before and after meals, we learned that some ‘rules’ I had about food (such as ‘all dairy is bad’) isn’t totally true for me – I love Greek yogurt!

Other times we discovered that what I was really struggling with was providing space for an underlying emotion, such as anxiety, and we brainstormed self-care protocols that were realistic and effective to implement on the regular.

After working with Claire for three months:

  • Foods are no longer good or bad, they’re just foods that I can appreciate for what they do and don’t do on the spectrum of fuelling my body and making me feel good in many ways (not just physical).
  • I am now cooking so many nutritious and delicious new recipes for the week ahead, eating healthy fats, eating breakfast, taking a few appropriate supplements, monitoring my caffeine intake, increasing my protein and fiber intake, making the best-green-smoothies-ever…) 
  • For the first time in my life, I am beginning to hear what my body wants and celebrate the answer, trusting that it knows what’s best.

A pinnacle moment for me occurred towards the end of our time together after a particularly stressful day. I wondrously observed how the old impulse to emotionally eat had seamlessly transitioned into a short walk and an inner knowing of exactly what I wanted to cook for dinner – homemade pancakes.

Furthermore, because I had felt into my choice from a calm place and savored every bite I found myself satisfied before finishing my plate. That evening wouldn’t have been possible a year ago!

What I’m getting at is that Claire’s work really is holistic and fosters the development of intrinsic ‘skills’ around all things food. 

We went so far beyond the content of what we put in our bodies and dove into the larger context of all the other ways to best feed ourselves, like our internal dialogues and what messages (i.e. media) we are exposing ourselves to.

I’m far from enlightened in this department, but I truly feel like I found ground with Claire from which infinite growth is possible and dare I say…exciting!

I really get how every bite, just like every moment, is a totally new beginning.”

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