So, last week I shared with you the two words that help me manage uncomfortable feelings so that I don’t find myself falling back into old (negative food and body) behaviors.

But after listening to this inspiring interview with the magnetic Seth Godin, I’ve got to throw a third word into the mix. Gratitude.

The reason being that in times of uncertainty, I find the comparison trap can come up stronger than ever. Whether it be with your body, work, family life etc – I know firsthand just how it easy it can be to get caught in it.

And that’s where gratitude has got our back. To pull us out of the trap and remind us of all the good that we’ve going on. It may not feel easy at first, but I assure you it’s a practice worth pursuing.

Seth says: “Our goal isn’t to touch everyone. Our goal is to touch someone. To change someone, just one person. Stop worrying about everyone, everyone doesn’t matter.”

Today, I’m grateful to share a recent client’s success story and honored to have helped change her relationship with food and take charge of her life.

Wendy’s Wellness Journey

“You are never too old to learn something new. This is what I have had proven to me many times when I started working with Claire.

Over 70 years old, discouraged and a trifle fed up with cooking for myself and my husband, I met Claire who immediately suggested taking a good look at my diet and how I felt about eating.

I live in Victoria and have had regular phone calls booked with Claire. Her careful monitoring and support throughout the process have encouraged me to realize the importance of nourishing choices.

It is amazing how in this land of plenty some of us can feel so hungry and concerned with food throughout the day. Claire has shown that by making choices based on scientific principles and mindful eating one can not only take charge of your diet also your life.

I have more energy and can look at food in a positive way, which allows for a happier attitude all around.” Wendy Wardle Victoria, BC

Interested in working together?

I’m currently taking on new clients for the fall and provide anyone interested in my services a free 30-minute consultation to explore our working together.

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Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday! xo


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