When I was deepest in my food and body struggle, there were moments when I would have done anything to be someone else. To have a brain that was less emotional and a body that behaved the way I wanted.

I wish I knew then, what I know now.

What I know now, reaffirmed through Jay’s heart-melting words, is that sometimes it’s the most painful parts of our story that can allow for the deepest connection.

I wish I knew then that my pain was an integral piece of my life puzzle. And that my struggles would one day allow me to sit in front of a defeated client and say with empathy, “Oh my friend, I know exactly how you feel right now.”

So, I hope that in sharing this reflection and testimonial with you, that you’ll lean into that idea every piece of you in on purpose.

I’m incredibly grateful for the courageous clients that invite me on their journey; and honored to share Jay’s seriously inspiring story with you today.

Jay’s Journey

“Before I took the plunge and started seeing Claire, I was the most I’ve ever weighed in my life, my digestion had essentially broken down after a year of major stress and my bowel movements had nothing regular about them.

I felt bloated, my guts hurt if I pressed on them, I suffered from a serious sugar addiction, my skin was always in bad shape, and I was *very* sad.

I had been asking around to see if any of my friends could suggest something; being a habitual comfort eater, I knew that my diet was the major root of my problem and a response to stress. Two of my friends mentioned that they knew of this “awesome and amazing” nutritionist, and it turned out they were both talking about Claire!

When I first went to see Claire, I could see immediately that her approach was a holistic one, and that she was interested in more than just what I was eating. She wanted to know how I was feeling, how much movement I was getting, and what my stress levels were like.

As we began to dive into the program, she guided me slowly and gently towards what would end up being a major life change, and showed me that any change that was going to be there to stay could only come on slowly and gently, and with self-compassion.

As an academic, it was really important for me to understand what exactly was happening inside my body when I ate high-carb or sugar foods, and why my body thought I “needed” them.

This was key; once I understood what was happening behind the scenes, and that it was all a vicious cycle, I was able to step up with confidence and make the changes necessary to save myself.

I have no doubts that my lifespan would have been shortened significantly if I had kept going the way I was, and that I would have ended up suffering from various medical and digestive issues.

One of the most important parts was that Claire was there every step of the way, checking in on a Google sheet that we shared where I recorded my eating habits, and where I wasn’t afraid to be honest about what I had or hadn’t been eating.

She encouraged me to ask myself questions about how certain foods were making me feel, thus helping me to develop a new “sixth sense” and a new relationship with my body. She also held my hand through the uncertainty of cooking new foods, and using new recipes and kitchen tools, and was always available if I had a question about something.

I now notice that if I eat something remotely close to the things I was eating before, I feel GROSS and my body says, “no way”. I never thought that one of my ex-favourite foods, cheese, could ever gross me out, but now it does.

She taught me why I really *need* to eat vegetables, and once I understood what they do for me I came to understand what had been happening to my body by not eating them. I can hardly go for a day without eating them now; my body longs for them.

Most importantly, Claire taught me to be kind to myself with my eating habits, that there are no “bad” foods, only different decisions that are a learning opportunity or chance for indulgence, and that this entire thing is an ongoing experiment, a journey, and I am in finally in control.

The thing about Claire is that she really knows what she’s doing, and is SUPER passionate about it. She is kind and gentle and will check in on you from time to time to see if you need any help.

If you find that you are in a deep, dark, scary body and food place, Claire will hold your hand and lead you out of there at your own pace.

She is great, the best, and probably helped me save my life. My only regret is not finding her sooner. Working with her was a great experience and definitely the best money I’ve ever spent on anything, ever.”

If Jay’s struggles resonate, I want you to know that you’re not alone in feeling this way and I’m here for you. 

It’s your turn, xo




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