Dalal’s Story

I met Claire giving a very lovely nutrition seminar and made the decision to contact her. She was so cooperative and nice since the first e-mail, which gave me the confidence; I’m on the right path with the right person.

Together we sat down and chit chatted about my goals. Her questions made my goals clearer and more defined. One of my biggest fears was my husband, he is a big fan of unhealthy food and he’s not ready to change his lifestyle.

Each session we met and chatted in a very friendly way about a different topic that interests me. Not only this, but we choose only one to two main goals maximum and set a good strategy to reach them.

Working slowly toward my goal was amazing! It gave me enough time to absorb all those information, and make them part of my daily life. She also sent the week’s goals and bunch of recipes, which I then printed and put on the fridge.

I learned a lot! Today:

  • I’m having a healthy breakfast, which surprisingly results in less cravings.
  • I know a lot about my body mechanism and how it deals with food.
  • I’m having regular meals and snacks every 3-4 hours.
  • My water intake is higher now.

My husband, who wasn’t ready to change his lifestyle as he claimed, is sharing my healthy breakfast, and snacks!

And the most amazing (and at first, weirdest) thing I’ve learned about is eating mindfully. This turns out, to be a great thing to practice from time to time, in order to build your own relationship between you and your food!

I’m happy that I found the lifestyle I was searching for. I’m happy because I’m feeling more energetic, confident, and clean from the inside out.

I’m glad that I’ve met you Claire. You’re such a lovely, inspiring soul. Thanks a lot!”





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