Feeling stuck, struggling or ashamed of your body? Discover how you can improve your body image right now by spring cleaning your social media. Click here to learn how to become a conscious consumer of media & explore an awesome list of body positive accounts to follow.

I’m a big believer in social media. It’s an important part of my business and has connected me with incredible mentors, influencers, and clients all over the world. And when used intentionally, I’ve seen it be a really powerful tool for positive change.

BUT if after you innocently hop onto a platform in an emotionally good place, you leave feeling worse, it might be time to take a step back and spring clean your social media.

How to spring clean your social media

Become a conscious consumer

1. Purge: Take some time to honestly examine the messages you’re taking in. Unfollow or unsubscribe from any content that triggers feelings of anxiety, shame or self-comparison.

If it does not lift you up and support actual health – you don’t need to consume it.”Beauty Redefined wrote an important article on Social Media Literacy for Socially Conscious Consumers – highly recommend reading!

2. Fill your feeds with feel-good, uplifting accounts: This is where I’ve seen social media be an incredible tool for building new, supportive beliefs. Exposing yourself to people who are living authentic, embodied lives at every size from different backgrounds can be a game-changer for better body image.

Check out these awesome lists: Best Body Positive Instagram Accounts & 135 ways to diversify your Instagram feed

3. Set boundaries: Be mindful of how social media is affecting your IRL (in real life) social time. I know just how easy it can be to get sucked into the internet hole, so I’m trying to get more intentional with dedicated screen-less times.

Disconnect to reconnect with friends who remind you of your beauty and value, beyond your body.

Resources to help you on your spring cleaning way

This podcast with Megan Bruneau was really helpful in deepening my knowledge in becoming both a mindful consumer and contributor to the online space. 

If you decide to take a digital break, here are 78 things you can do since you won’t be scrolling.

A final reminder: “Recognize that you are not just a body. It is an instrument to live and do and be. Reject messages that teach you otherwise.” – Beauty Redefined 

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