Lemon Water 1_MedResThe Mission

I am dedicated to showing you the way to food freedom so that you will:

• Discover your best self.
• Rediscover your relationship with food.
• Achieve vibrancy by however you define it. Maybe it's waking up well-rested or digesting with ease; or it's becoming a healthier, happier, energized you!
• Make peace with food, and feel more confident with your choices. Create a more sustainable healthy lifestyle that’s authentic to you.


ClaireLeGresleyMy Approach 

Start where you are – I don’t want you to feel that you have to be a certain way or already have a certain amount of knowledge before beginning sessions with me. I’m here for you. As you are.
I’ve lived it – I know what it feels like to be lost, frustrated and confused with conflicting information. I also know exactly what it feels like to be constantly uncomfortable in your own body.
I also know there is another way – Learn how to reconnect with your body, release shame, and take care of yourself – for the rest of your life.


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